The age of 0-3 is the golden period when your baby grows and develops his/her brain most rapidly. During this period, children develop rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor skills and these are all critical at this stage of development. During this stage children build the “foundation” which provides support for future growth.  We think that before the age of 3, it is the best time to build children’s cognition. In this period of rapid brain development and language sensitivity, it is important to create a rich language environment, interactive scenes and exploration practices for children.  We hope that through our correct guidance and education, young children will have a happy learning experience, and develop an eagerness to learn and have a healthy growth in a prepared childcare environment.

◆  Course Attributes  


Montessori Education is child-centered, respects the growth pace of each child, and focuses on children’s all-round development. Montessori Education can train children to mobilize sensory organs throughout the body to obtain information for active learning.

In our prepared Montessori classroom, children can choose their favorite work according to their needs. In this way, each child feels that learning is a fun and exciting process that is full of exploration, and also trains and develops young children’s ability to focus,their hand-eye coordination, self-discipline, and interest in learning. 

Orff Music

Germany ’s Orff Music Teaching Method advocates the use of rhythm, singing, musical instrument ensemble, and improvisation to guide children to explore space with their limbs and to stimulate children to experience the beauty of music through their imagination and fantasy, and to improve their musical literacy as to create the complete personality of young children.


In a relaxed and happy setting, we give children a variety of sensory stimuli such as body rhythm and language rhythm. We will expose children to different musical instruments to arouse their exploration potential, develop potential musicality, and pay attention to and grasp the process of children's exploration of music.

Artistic Enlightenment

Children have an inborn creative potential. In the art enlightenment activities, we will mobilize the children's various senses to participate in the activities, and stimulate the children's artistic potential through music, painting and other methods. Such artistic enlightenment does not only meet the children's own needs but also meets the characteristics of their intellectual development, and facilitates the cultivation of children's non-intelligence factors such as self-control ability and cheerful personality

Thematic Courses

Most of our themed courses are based on children's hobbies and life experiences. Among them are festivals, folklore celebrations, and educational activities, etc., to promote children's common sense and enrich their cognitive development through a wide range of topics.

Sensory games

Outdoor Exploration

There is a safe, closed community park in front of the nursery where children can play, study and explore in the fresh air and a wide space to promote the children's physical and mental development.


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